Tipped for the top

Another one of the Brit school alumni has caused a stir among music buffs, with her jazzy voice reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald. Winning the Critics Choice Brit award and now just missing the top spot, posting a number 2 hit in the charts, singer Adele Adkins, known just as ‘Adele’, is soon to release an album. She has already been tipped to be the new Amy Winehouse and it seems from these recent accolades the hype might be true.

However there are many more Amy Wannabes to come with Welsh neo-jazz singer Duffy and, wait for it, neo-jazz singer Beth Rowley soon to be releasing equally bluesy albums. Saturating the market? Or can we just not get enough of the sultry soul divas and their retro offerings? Well, we’ll see. Until then, let’s see those jazz hands!!

(Image: from YouTube)

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