Time for some campaigning! Funniest video viral ever

Ok. Here it is. The US election video viral to end all video virals.

The clip is a 'music video' set to the catchy hillbilly riff, 'Time for Some Campaignin' (a nod to Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are a Changing'.) The beauty of this video is that not only are the animations stunning, but the concept is strikingly simple. All politicians are twa*ts and the US election campaign is a giant and meticulous exercise in spending loads of money.

George Bush dances a hoe-down while playing a banjo. Bill Clinton gets squashed by Hillary after reminiscing about 'that time with a cigar'. John McCain talks about spending years in 'that rat hole North Vietnam' before his face disfigures horrifically and he drops dead of a swollen left gland.Barack Obama points his finger to the air and birds land on it. His singing voice is sweet and noble and pure, and he hums about 'change' in any form, while riding a pink unicorn.

Genius video. Funny, mercenary, brilliant. Watch. It. Now.

JibJab - Time for Some Campaignin

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