Time for a Bacon butty

“Disgraced” former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon made his live stand-up debut last night at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

With his nerves at an all-time-high at the thought of addressing a bear-pit of drunk Scots, the one-off performance dubbed 'His Final Farewell Tour' (first joke) saw him covering a variety of topics including; his sacking from Blue Peter, his Blue Peter Badge and err, Blue Peter (well, they do say talk about what you know).

Piggy-backing on the tail end of a full-gig by comedy stalwart Reginald D Hunter, his courageous 11th minute set was seen as a triumph by the tough crowd and also broadcast live on BBC Five Live.

We say fair play to the Bacon, but do you think he made a ‘pigs ear of it’ (LMAO)? Listen to the best bits/bit here...

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