Timberlake invited to the Marine Corps Ball too

It’s a case of what goes around comes around for Justin Timberlake. The singer-turned –actor was instrumental in persuading Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis to accept an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball when the actors were both shown Sgt. Scott Moore’s bold video request earlier this week. Now it looks like Kunis won’t be the only one ‘doing it for her country’ as Timberlake has now received his own invitation to the ball in November.

Corporal Kelsey De Santis, the only female serving at the Martial Arts Centre for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico asked Justin to be her date via a video which she posted on YouTube. Timberlake, who is currently promoting his film in Cancun, told a packed press conference: ‘I saw [the invitation], I don't feel backed into a corner at all.’

I accept and not because she had all those beefcake marines behind her to intimidate me,’ although he did say that he will only be able to go if his commitments allow.

The invitation isn’t the only interesting thing that happened to the 30 year old this week. He has just received three Emmy nominations for hosting Saturday Night Live. Exciting times indeed!

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