Tim Burgess Uncut - running on drugs

Forget bopping on disco biscuits. Tim Burgess has said he used to run whole marathons gurning to high heaven on them!

Talking to Uncut Magazine, the former Charlatans henchman claims that when recording in Wales, he would often sprint marathons in his spare time - while off his box.

There’s nothing quite like running a marathon off your head on E - I look back on those times with great fondness", says Tim in the controversial interview.

Tim also claims the reason the Charlatans took so long producing albums in the mid nineties was because they never came down long enough to get round to it. But the most controversial nugget of the Burgess interview has to be Tim's kindly advice to Pete Doherty.

"What I used to feel about people like that is that they shouldn't go out and get hammered. Why doesn't he go for home delivery? Pete's a fucking rockstar. GET IT DELIVERED! We always did."

Say no more Tim.

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