You’ve got to take your hat off to Simon Cowell: he might make tedious, contrived television which gets ratings by virtue of making cheap productions that go out at prime time, when Britain’s couch potatoes are intellectually at their lowest ebb, but he sure knows how to market his dross.

The high-trousered prince of trashy talent show telly gave an interview to his former girlfriend Terri Seymour on US telly programme Extra to talk about the Yank version of X Factor, in which she tried to sneak some information about the judging panel from him. However, Cowell was tight-lipped, only dishing out the minimum amount of info.

‘I'm going to make an announcement within three or four weeks, which is going to tell everyone everything. There will be some surprises,’ he said, before eventually caving in and gave us some information ‘Okay, one of the judges has quite long hair.’ Cheryl Cole, anyone?

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