Tiger's star treatment

It’s clear to most people these days that famous people get treated differently in almost every sector of public life than your Average Joe. Whether it's having shops closed for you to browse in, being able to get your hands on mountains of drugs with little chance of censor, or well, whatever it is you want to keep your trussed up existence that little bit more cushdy, being famous (and rich) is where it's at.

Take Tiger Woods for example. There he is, in a sex addiction clinic after being found out to be a serial shagger, and he’s still getting preferential treatment compared to the other patients. Fellow sex addicts in the clinic say that he gets maid service while they have to tidy their own rooms and scrub toilets as part of their therapy. He also gets to opt out of group therapy, which is mandatory for everyone else. Un-be-live-able.

‘When Tiger enters one of the public areas, other patients have been told they have to leave the room,’ said one outraged source to The Sun. ‘Other patients share a cabin, but Tiger has his own. His special privileges are causing a lot of resentment.’

Appalling (allegedly), isn’t it? However, the man still has to take part in army-style assault courses and has been banned from disgusting self abuse, and we don’t mean cutting himself. Now that’s stiff treatment.

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