Tiger gets the YouTube treatment

Up until the last couple of weeks, Tiger Woods’ personality was barely known. All we knew was that he was a remorseless golf winning machine, smashing and destroying all that came before him, and that he never ever said anything interesting in interviews. Oh, and he was rich, very, very rich indeed.

However, now that the sickening world of celebrity gossip and has infected his world, it won’t go away. Not only has cocktail waitress Jamie Grubb come out and said that she had a three-year affair with the golf superstar, a recording of a voice message he left on Grubb’s phone, asking her to take her name of her phone in case his wife checked out his phone and called her. The lies Tiger, when will they stop?

Anyway, now that it’s out there for the world to hear, some cruel, cruel people have made a YouTube video with some sexy, sexy music as a background to his infidelity. It’s bad, but funny.

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