Tiger fee

It might be about to get extra juicy in the world of cheating celebrity sports people tittle tattle, after it was revealed by The Sun that Elin Nordegren refused to agree to extra cash in exchange for her silence about her marriage to Tiger Woods.

According to the tabloid, she through that in at the last minute, no doubt designed to put the disgraced golfer in a bit of a fit, never quite sure if and when she’ll decide to lift the lid on her life with the Tiger. It’s not as if she’ll be short of cash either; the South African has apparently got much more than the £70million reported in the press, and apparently has taken more than £100million from the deal.

‘Elin is a strong, independent woman who has been badly wronged. It is not about money. She has turned down a host of offers. And she won't really dish the dirt. There is no way she was going for less than Michael Jordan's wife. It's much more than that.

‘She wanted to show she will not be silenced. She wants people to see she's not allowing her husband's legal team to call all the shots.’

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