Three's a crowd

Yesterday a third enigmatic lady stepped forward to claim that she too had been enjoying extra-curricular nookie with former family-man Ryan Giggs. A friend spoke to the tabloids and insisted that the affair wasn't just a one-off, and that the relationship only ended with Giggs's marriage.

A source close to the mystery woman told The Daily Mail, 'This was no one-night stand. The two of them had a lasting relationship which went on for two years. It only came to an end when he phoned her on his wedding day to say it was all over.’

Meanwhile, former Man Utd player Andrei Kanchelskis gave hints that Giggs was not quite the family man he claimed to be. Back in 2003, he gave an interview to a Russian newspaper, saying the Giggs had complained 'he can’t change his bachelor’s life', ''I’d like to', he told me. 'I go out with three girls but just can’t choose which one is the best.'' The Russian footballer then promptly stopped spilling when he realised that he was being a little indiscreet. Whoops...

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