Thought we were friends?

Amy and the one time OC actress were drinking in the same Camden watering hole the other day. Things started amicably - with a drunken snog no less (although it looks like Wino enjoyed the clinch more than Mischa.) But while teetotaller Mischa nursed a tonic and lemon, Amy and her friends downed sambucas, leading Mischa to later suggest that the singer had 'had enough.'

A source explains:'It all started so well, the girls embraced like sisters and chatted excitedly about what they've been up to. Mischa didn't have anything to drink at all, she ordered a tonic with lemon and said that it feels like she's having a drink. Amy was in with some friends, and she got on the vodka, then the sambuca shots. Everyone had moved to the private room upstairs and Amy was starting to get a bit maudlin, she'd been fine and jolly earlier but as usually, that soon changed. Mischa looked concerned and said that she'd had enough for the night. She wasn't being a killjoy. Amy looked upset. Obviously she was drunk and didn't take it well, she yelled at Mischa that it was none of her business and her mate told her to leave it.'

From Amy's point of view, it's a bit like being at a wedding with your recently sober alcoholic aunt. From Mischa's - well, pubs in Camden are not the best place to practise sobriety. Girls, we suggest that from now on you frequent different pubs. Obviously still in north London.....

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