This time the glove fits - OJ Simpson convicted of robbery and kidnap

OJ Simpson has been found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping and looks likely to be given a lengthy prison sentence.

The crime happened last September when Simpson kidnapped and robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in Las Vegas. His lawyer, Yale Galanter at the courtroom said; “The verdict was not a shock, there was a lot of baggage.”

The American footballer, turned actor, turned criminal was coincidentally acquitted for murdering his ex-wife and another man in what was dubbed ‘the trial of the century’ 13 years to the day.

Since then Simpson has kept a relatively low-profile apart from writing a book called "If I Did It", a so-called fictional account about the murders which was never released. OJ, 61, could be given up to 20 years in jail when he is sentenced on December 5.

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