This means war!

XFactor starts this weekend, which as we all know, means the end of British Summer Time and the commencement of weekends filled with watching mentalists humilate themselves and, of course, Cheryl and Simon engaging in strange ritualistic flirting. This year, though, apparently Simon has taken the teasing too far, and poor Chezza has had enough.

An eagle-eyed source told The Mirror 'Simon and Cheryl have been winding each other up throughout the auditions and Cheryl did not take kindly to some of the comments. She felt some of it was quite personal and it’s going to be all out war now. It has made Cheryl determined to win for a third year in a row, cos that is the only thing that will wipe the smile from Simon’s face. She keeps talking about finding a little diamond and thinks she is the best at being a mentor and nurturing the talent.'

As long as the 'little diamond' isn't another Diana Vickers, we'll be happy...

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