This Is NOT It

Angry Michael Jackson fans are organising a boycott of upcoming flick This Is It, claiming that the film will be a soft-soap version of the star’s final days designed only to line the pockets of those with a vested interest in Jackson’s brand.

The online protest – called This Is NOT It – are protesting that the film covers up Jackson’s widely known health problems and the toll of having to prepare for doing 50 live shows at the O2 Arena, and that the film is only being made for one last pay day for Jacko’s numerous hangers on.

So far the group have had 20,000 hits on their site in the space of 24 hours, so there seems to be some support out there for the boycott. His dad Joe and sister La Toya have accused the makers of the film – Sony Pictures – of using stand-ins to play Jackson in the film, while group spokesman Giovanni Panunzio said ‘the film has been craftily edited to maximise profits.’ This one could take off, so watch this space.

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