This Is a lot of money

This Is It has financially lived up to the hype that it has been afforded by those in the business of making money off Michael Jackson; It took £12million worldwide on its first day in the cinemas.

A spokesman for Columbia Pictures was ecstatic at the news, saying: ‘This is an amazing beginning for the film and a reaffirmation of the global appeal of Michael Jackson,’. The UK contributed to 10 per cent of the worldwide takings for the flick, generating £1.2million for various Jackson hangers on, while fans in the USA and Canada filled the coffers with a whopping £5million.

The film has been such a wild success that bosses are now considering extending its two-week run, although for how much longer hasn’t yet been confirmed. However, plans for the DVD have most certainly not been shelved, so if you can’t be bothered to queue at the local picture house, expect to be queuing at Our Price, or whatever they’re called nowadays, in the next few months.

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