Third Gavin & Stacey series finished filming

Despite being a quite good sitcom with some lively support performances (but atrociously unfunny lead acting), Gaving and Stacey is so popular that it might even save James Corden’s flagging career.

So the third series of the cross country rom-com will surely be a mega smash hit, and probably quite enjoyable to watch if it’s as good and Rob Brydon (probably the best thing about the whole show) suggests it is. Momentous things are going to happen, apparently.

We finished Gavin & Stacey about two weeks ago,’ he said to the Liverpool Daily Post. ‘I think it's very good, another great script, but then it's hard for me to tell because I'm so close to it now.

‘They like it to be secret, but I will say lots of things, momentous things, happen. I can say Uncle Bryn is in it a lot (good - Ed) - I think he has more to do than in previous series.

‘All the characters move along brilliantly. I just can't wait to see it now, we all enjoyed filming it so much.’

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