They will rock X Factor!

Can you blooming believe it that we’re half way through this series of The X-Factor and there’s already been enough drama to fill an episode of Casualty? (Almost.) Well it looks like the fun won’t be stopping: get your big fingered foam hands at the ready because the kings of musical rock known as Queen have been confirmed to play this weekend.

Brian May and Roger Taylor will be performing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with the remaining X Factor contestants as the group song on the Sunday results show. Yikes!

According to The Sun, the boys/men/old men have been mentoring the hopefuls this week thanks to a little persuasion from Mr Nasty himself: "Simon [Cowell] personally requested Brian and Roger get involved in the show and they were happy to do it,” says their source. “They know all there is to know about showing off on stage and creating a buzz."

Columbian belly dancer Shakira will also be performing on the Sunday show, along with Jedward who are reported to be butchering Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’. What will Brian and Roger say about that? We dread to think.....

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