They aren’t afraid of no ghosts

If you thought John & Edward’s murdering of Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ on the X-Factor was dreadful, well, just wait till this weekend when the two evil twins have a crack at the theme tune to ‘Ghostbusters’ – be afraid, be very afraid.

According to The Mirror, the pair everyone’s talking about (and we’re not talking about Cheryl Cole’s latest dress) have been rehearsing the Ray Parker Jr’s classic for this week’s Saturday show – Songs From The Movies.

Songs From The Movies week was last witnessed on The X-Facter in 2007 when Leon Jackson (remember him?) performed Michael Bublé's 'Home' from the movie ‘The Wedding Date’, and is sure to be even more forgotten about than it already is after this weekend. But until The X-Factor does a ‘TV Theme Tune’ theme week, how can anyone take Jedward seriously?

Jog your memory of the song below. Now check out a rather rhythmic pumpkin dancing to it.

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