'These episodes have left me bitter'

Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi has almost certainly secured his position as the most dodgy politician of recent times, but he has at least one fan who is determined to defend him from the slings and arrows of public ridicule. His daughter Barbara has given an interview to Vanity Fair where she attempts to set the record straight.

Babs told Vanity Fair, 'I have for him (Berlusconi) and his multiple successes, great admiration but I reserve the right to have an intellectual approach to his life. These episodes (sex scandals) have left me bitter. I find it hard to find an answer for them. It's obvious that I don't agree with a certain type of behaviour but I have to try and believe my father. Some time I have found myself not being in tune with the thoughts and political actions of Silvio Berlusconi, that doesn't make me a bad daughter and I don't love my father less because of this.'

She continued, 'They affected him in his private life and his political life. What upsets me sometimes is that sometimes I don't think Silvio Berlusconi warrants some of the treatment he gets. He has done a lot and he has done good for the country, with passion and pride. Many things could have been avoided if he had neglected the fact that we are all vulnerable. Certain types of behaviour make things even more fragile. It would be a shame if his extraordinary political career would be remembered only for this.'

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