There's mileage in this one yet

So Gavin Henson is going on Strictly Come Dancing, while Charlotte Church is doing the shopping and looking glum - this is how the papers are presenting the lovers since their split. But hang on - surely everyone looks miserable when they're doing the weekly shop, and surely Strictly is the sort of thing a man does when he's truly down on his luck, not vice versa?

We've got a theory about the Gavalotte split: Charlotte isn't suffering while Gavin is flourishing. She's simply getting on with her daily life, and, more importantly, not going out with anyone else. As long as he can withstand the allure of Anne Widdecombe or Felicity Kendall on the Strictly dancefloor, Gavin is single too. One of the alleged problems with their partnership was that Gavin wasn't doing enough to bring home the bacon. Now he's back on the box, that balance could be restored.

This is prime getting back together territory - Gavalotte, we're on tenterhooks!

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