There'll be trouble in the Brand/Perry household tonight

Now Katy Perry is a confident, feisty lass, and can take criticism on the chin - but we doubt she was particularly overjoyed to hear her beau, Russell Brand, announce to the world that her cameo in his latest film, 'Get me to the Greek' was cut due to her questionable acting skills. In fact, while we Brits love a bit of self-deprecation, and indeed deprecation of anyone else - the Yanks much prefer gush and flattery.

Speaking to tiny, lantern jawed Ryan Seacrest, Brand said, 'We cut it (the cameo) out Ryan because her acting was so atrocious that it ruined the film. It ruined it. It just made the film boring and rubbish.'

This nugget of damning criticism may well be ironic, but unfortunately, irony doesn't translate well via radio. Brand might have been raising his eyebrows and smirking while he said it, but all that translates is humiliation for Perry.

Russell will be purchasing a few cherry chapsticks before he gets kissed again...

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