There were fireworks in my house

Tweeting twit Jason Manford has revealed that his wife has forgiven him for his pestering of a busty fan via his Twitter account, saying that there were some ‘fireworks’ at his home between him and his beloved.

Manford was on stage in Blackburn over the weekend when he brought up the subject of his roving eye. Bizarrely, he claims that ‘we’ve all done it’. Have we, Jason?

‘Did you have a good weekend?’ he asked the audience. ‘Yes? Good, I'm glad someone did. It's been an interesting weekend. The wife's alright and that's (the) main thing. There were some fireworks at my house on Bonfire Night. She called me a d**khead and now we are alright again. We've all done it.

‘I count myself lucky. There was a fella about six months ago who got arrested for posting something on Twitter. Did you see this guy? He was at Doncaster Airport and for a laugh he said, ‘If this flight doesn't take off in the next half an hour I'm going to blow up Doncaster Airport’.’

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