The X&Y Factor

Rumours have been doing the rounds that Chris Martin has been confirmed to perform on this weekend’s X-Factor Final (13 Dec) completing the trio of big name acts that include Sir Paul McCartney and George Michael, as previously reported.

According to The Daily Mirror, the Coldplay singer will perform a duet with one of the three remaining karaoke contestants (Olly, Stacey, Joe); ‘Everyone knows Simon Cowell is ultra-competitive and he has always said he will only carry on with 'The X Factor' if he can improve on it year-on-year’ said the newspapers reliable source’.

‘After last year's duets with Beyonce, Boyzone and Westlife he knew he had to pull out all the stops to make this year's even better.'

Talking on ITV2 spin-ff show The Xtra Factor last night (6 Dec), SyCo was being tight-lipped when asked which artists were booked for the final show, only saying; ‘Today, we just got confirmation of the 3 acts who will perform on next week’s show, it’s our best line-up yet and I’m very happy’.

Well, Jedward being two of them, but who could the 3rd act be? Guess we’ll have to tune into (again) this weekend to find out.

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