The X-Factor: your weekly round-up

It was the second of the X-Factor live finals at the weekend and, like the week before it, it was full of enough controversy to keep a tabloid editor happy till next week.

The talk since the last show was how the hell were the Dublin (doubling?) twins John & Edward still in, and would Cheryl Cole be miming her new single or not this week? With 'Divas' as the theme it looked to be a dead cert that the Twins Grimm would be evicted after a stomach churning attempt at singing. To noone’s surprise they were truly truly awful - so much so it was actually very entertaining; entertaining enough for the wondrous British public to keep them in for another week. But someone had to go and that someone was Scot’s whippersnapper Ricky (the one with eyebrows) Loney, after a mediocre murdering of R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ in the head to head with Rachel Adedeji .

So on the Sunday results show it was the turn of pop-tart Cheryl Cole to do a look-and-learn performance of her new single ‘Fight For This Love’, but would the pressure of the crowd and a mere 14 million viewers watching be too much for her? No! Thanks to an army of dancers the Geordie judge stormed it. On the other hand this week’s pop mentor was Whitney Houston and jeez, does she need some mentoring. After spending much of the Saturday night show (justifiably) criticizing each contestant she put in a desperate live performance, at times looking like an out of breath panting dog.

It’s ‘Big Band’ week this weekend and all eyes once again are on those twins. Check out the performances everyone's talking about below.

Oops, the twins did it again

Judge Cheryl Cole for yourself

Houston! We have a problem

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