The X Factor beats Strictly in first round of ratings war

The X Factor came out on top in the Saturday night ratings war with Strictly Come Dancing. ITV's popular reality talent show was watched by 10.7 million viewers – a whopping 2 million more than its BBC rival.

The two hit shows clashed for the first time ever as BBC Strictly's starting time to 7.25pm while The X Factor went out from 8pm until 9.15pm. However, a spokesperson for the Beeb claimed that the clash between the two shows had not damaged Strictly's ratings.

'We are very pleased with Strictly's viewing figures from last night's show,' the BBC spokesperson said. 'The peak audience of 8.7million combined with 9.1million on Friday night means the show has got off to a great start.'

However, X Factor judge and media mogul Simon Cowell branded the BBC's scheduling decision as daft. 'I don't think there are any other shows people are as passionate about right now – and it's crazy that they're up against each other,' he said.

Cowell is hoping that ITV and the BBC can meet to discuss about rescheduling the shows: 'I'll try to persuade ITV to move The X Factor back or forward, whatever they need to do,' he said. 'I'm prepared to do everything to give the public what they want.'

In more bad news for Auntie it appears that the public have not taken to Strictly's new judge Alesha Dixon. The former champion was chosen to replace Arlene Phillips as the BBC looked to compete with The X Factor's younger demographic. But viewers have branded Dixon as 'dull' and 'rubbish at judging' on the show's message board.

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