The Winehouse broken home

Wino’s dad Mitch has been in the news this week, blaming himself and his extra-marital affairs for his daughter’s spectacular, drawn-out meltdown. Yes, we agree, the presence of “daddy’s work wife” in young Amy’s life probably didn’t help matters.

But there’s a wee bit of cynicism in us; the man who once never gave interviews is now cropping up all over the place. He’s got a taste for the limelight and he’s going for it. And really, is splashing his infidelities over the front pages going to help his daughter deal with them?

Our verdict: Bad Dad.

But let’s not forget the good fathers out there. Remember when Johnny Depp revealed Sweeny Todd nearly didn’t happen. Because his daughter went into hospital and he wanted to be with her. Ahh…

Johnny Depp just got more perfect. We really did not think that was possible.

(Image: from YouTube)

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