The Voice in danger of being a flop

After a promising start, ratings for the BBC talent show The Voice have been disappointing. With judges, Danny O’Doghue, will.i.am, Tom Jones and Jessie J, BBC bosses hoped the show would grip audiences, but after the initial novelty wore off, viewers have abandoned the show in droves.

Series creator John De Mol is in talks with the BBC about rejigging the format for a second series. "Television is not maths," he said. "We are due to have a big meeting after the final and will talk about what we should change for the second series. There may be a few slight changes."

After the early rounds, where judges listened to auditions with their chairs turned away so as not to be influenced by looks or image, the show has quickly reverted to a familiar format. The live shows, De Mol admitted "have the most resemblance with other talent shows".

The question of the live shows will be the most urgent subject of the talks with the BBC, but there is also the possibility of launching The Voice Kids for young performers. That format was a notable success in the Netherlands.

De Mol said he was delighted with the UK judges, but it was not certain whether they would be retained for future series, although the rumoured salaries suggest that they would not be difficult to retain. "I don't know at the moment," De Mol said. "That's part of the discussions we will have with the BBC after the final. The question is, do the coaches want to continue."

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