The Voice 2013, blind auditions, Episode 6 review

The Voice 2013 proved to be, once again, more than controversial and as many detractors pointed out from Series 1, the format of the show seems to struggle a bit during the final blind auditions. Some very talented singers missed out on being selected by the coaches mainly because at the end of the battle rounds most of the spots were already filled.

It was the case of Bronwen Lewis, who probably gave one of the best performance of this series, thanks to her superior voice, which reminded a bit of The Cranberries' vocalist Dolores O'Riordan. Unfortunately just Jessie J and Will.I.am had one space left in their teams and their risk-loving attitude meant the end of the road for the talented Welsh singer. Danny O'Donoghue was unpleasantly surprised by the two coaches' choice and a disappointed Tom Jones even remarked: “That girl, I wish I had another spot on my team for her.”

The last round of blind audition was a game of gambling and patiently waiting, so it wasn't hard to imagine which judge would have been the last to turn his chair. With still three places to fill Will.I.am was at the helm of the show, first securing fashion stylist John Pritchard and then the amazing Moni Tyvoni, whose take of Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry' had the four judges turning their chairs in a bid to have him on-board.

The Black Eyed Peas singer then decided to give it a long thought before picking his last act, believing that something special would eventually come along. And it did, in the shape of CJ Edwards, whose energetic performance made even Jessie and Danny get out of their chairs to comfortably watch the show.

While Tom Jones gave his last spot to 21-year-old Filipino Joseph Apostol, Danny fell for Abi Sampa, a 27-year-old London dentist, and her unique Western and Eastern music fusion, which immediately conquered the coach. Jessie J's two places were filled by Letitia Grant Brown and Adam Barron, whose soulful performance of 'Summertime' made the 'Price Tag' singer turn at the last second.

With the blind auditions over these are the top 48 artists and the coaches' teams:

Team Danny

Alice Barlow, Andrea Begley, Conor Scott, Karl Michael, Laura Oakes, Mitchel Emms, Nadeem Leigh, Paul Carden, Ricardo Afonso, Sean Rumsey, Smith & Jones, Abi Sampa, Adam Barron

Team Jessie

Alex Buchanan, Ash Morgan, Danny County, De’Vide, Katie Benbow, Lemuel Knights, Lovelle, Nate James, Sarah Cassidy, Trevor Francis, Letitia Grant Brown

Team Tom

Alys Williams, Colin Chisholm, Cherelle Basquine, Diva, Elise Evans, Emma Jade Garbutt, Jamie Bruce, Lareena Mitchell, LB Robinson, Mike Ward, Ragsy Joseph Apostol

Team Will

Barbara & Carla, Cleo Higgins, Emily Worton, Jordan Lee Davies, Leah McFall, Leanne Jarvis, Liam Tamne, Matt Henry, Nu-Tarna, John Pritchard, Moni Tivony, CJ Edwards

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