The Voice 2013, blind auditions, Episode 3 review

Things are not going as well as predicted for the second series of The Voice 2013. It took just one episode of Britain's Got Talent to definitely wipe out the singing competition. Generally speaking the show is just not as catchy nor entertaining as the other talent programs on telly.

The third week of the blind auditions saw six more contestants trying to impress Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, Will.I.am and Danny O'Donoghue. And it did not take long for the judges to be blown away by some very talented artists.

Cleo Higgins probably caused the fastest turning chair on the history of The Voice, as soon as she hit the first note of Beyoncé's Love On Top she made Jessie J press the buzzer and turn. The Price Tag singer jumped from her chair and started dancing to the tune, but her enthusiasm did not convinced Cleo, who eventually opted for team Will.I.am.

Some might remember Cleo for being the leading singer of Cleopatra, a group founded in the Nineties by her and her two sisters. Another successful contestant was Elise Evans, whose incredible performance of Etta James' Something Got A Hold On Me also had all four judges spinning their chairs. Obviously the Welsh singer decided to join Sir Tom Jones' team.

Irish talent Conor Scott conquered a place in Danny O'Donoghue's team by singing Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed, as well as Former Stars In Their Eyes artist Mitchell Emms who performed against Barry Thomas. Despite their effort Blackpool singer Jade Louise Jackson and Amy Wilkinson were unable to win the judges over.

Leah McFall managed to interest the judges by singing Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah's RIP and chose to join Will.I.am. Duo Diva – Maxine and Shelley – got a place in Sir Tom Jones team, while waitress Lovelle joined Jessie J, after singing Rihanna's Diamonds.

The final artist was Lemuel Knights, a former X Factor contestant, who chose to perform Jessie J's success Do It Like A Dude, in her honour. The trick certainly worked, as Jessie pressed the buzzer first, along with Danny and Sir Tom. Not just Lemuel managed to duet with Jessie J, but he also joined her team at the end of the show.

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