The very last of the summer wine

For the last 37 years there has been no sound that evokes that dreaded feeling of going back to school / work / the Job Centre [delete where applicable] the next day more than the theme tune to Last Of The Summer Wine.

The Sunday night BBC comedy series, starring the characters Compo, Nora Batty and friends getting into various scrapes such as rolling down a Yorkshire dale in a bathtub (every episode) has run since 1973 but this year will be its final year. BBC Controller of comedy commissioning Cheryl Taylor confirmed in a statement:

‘It is a testimony to the wit and warmth of the characters that Roy Clarke originally created that this amazing series has endured over several decades The BBC feels enormously privileged to have played host to its many charms for such a long time and we very much respect the affection in which it is held.’

She added: ‘It is very tough to have to call time on such a cherished institution but we are very sincere in our gratitude for, and admiration of Last Of The Summer Wine. It is the undisputed champion of long-running comedy series.’

Truly amazing to think that it ran for 37 series when quality shows like Pshycoville and Being Human have to get down on their knees to get a second series at the BBC. The last of the Last Of The Summer Wine (we've always wanted to say that, really) will be shown this summer.

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