The Two Rooneys

The Rooneys have been pictured together for the first time, understandably not looking entirely over the moon. While the pair have vowed to stay together, Coleen is using Wayne's indiscretions as a excuse to not attend any matches as the 'devoted wife' - and who can blame her, with chants such as 'No woman, no Kai' being sung up and down the land?

A source told The Sun, 'Until now they have been coming and going from the house separately. Perhaps it's a sign Coleen has taken the first step towards forgiving Wayne for what he has done.'

While Coleen has firmly told Wayne that she won't be his WAG, a friend told the paper, 'she's not going to pretend everything is fine when it's not. And there's no way on earth she is going to any games. She feels embarrassed that the other players knew what was going on and that people have been talking about her.'

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