The Toni Commandments

Footballing cad John Terry must have breathed a sigh of relief after his loyal wife Toni agreed to stand by him after his latest sex-capades. However, that sigh of relief might have turned to a yowl of pain after hearing that Toni has constructed a list of marriage commandments. And if Terry won't stick to them, then he really is out (we wonder how many times he's heard that before...)

According to The Mirror, Toni told her wayward man, 'It’s my way or it’s over. Things have to change. There will be no more chances.' A friend gives further details, 'Toni knows it’s unrealistic to know where John is 24/7 but he has to be much more open with his movements. She wants him to come home straight from training or have a very good reason why he can’t. Toni knows it sounds controlling but what else can she do? At the moment, there is a serious lack of trust and John needs to earn her confidence. For the time being she doesn’t want him going out. At least not until their marriage has recovered from the battering.'

Sounds like John needs to acquire some hobbies to fill the time previously spent in night clubs. Knitting a hair shirt perhaps?

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