The spy who came in from the Cole

It's only Monday, but it's already looking as if this week could be the most concerning of the year in celebrity-ville. Not only might Katie Price be joining X Factor, but it has come to our attention that Cheryl and Ashley are back in touch, and have discussed the possibility of reuniting.

A pal of Ashley's told The Mirror, 'The key thing that led to contact being restored was the interview. Ashley had been absolutely dreading it. He’d feared another bucketload of shit after all the media criticism of. Cheryl only spoke of love and tenderness. She couldn’t have been nicer.'

The indiscreet friend continued, 'He has been getting some positive signals from Cheryl and has been responding to them. He said he’d be discreet and make sure they weren’t pictured together – and then they could meet somewhere private afterwards. They talked for 10 minutes. It was obvious from his reaction she was unsure – but only because she was worried they’d be pictured. She wasn’t against the idea of meeting.'

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