The sound of the underground

You might think that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow live the high life, what with millions in the bank, a home on every continent and about fifty different modes of transport at their disposal. Well, you'd be wrong; for last night, Gwynnie and C-Mart got the tube. We can confirm that the A-listers hopped on the underground at Swiss Cottage (admitedly a posh tube stop) and hopped off again at Kentish Town.

A stunned onlooker reported to, The Sun, 'Gwyneth had her hair tied back and barely any make-up. He was wearing a hoodie. They were cuddling on the platform and when they sat down on the train they looked very much in love.'

Bless. But whatever next, K-Midds spotted on the Isle of White hoevercraft, P-Diddy on the 150 to Stoke Newington. Where will the celeb public transport craze end?

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