The Social Network 2

When we all heard a Facebook movie was in the offing, there was naturally a lot of doubt over its credibility. But once director David Fincher and script writer Aaron Sorkin were onboard, that all changed. The Social Network paid-off big time both critically and with movie fans in general.

Off the back of this success, it’s been announced another film about Facebook is on the cards. Based on the novel ‘The Future Of Us’, Warners Bros have already snapped-up the rights, and that’s even before the book has been published. The quirky USP of the film is that it focuses less on the Facebook phenomenon but instead tells the story of what happened when two guys logged onto their AOL email accounts in 1996, and find their 2011 Facebook profiles. Yes, it’s basically sci-fi meets social networking, or so-fi if you like.

No other details are known at this stage.

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