The showmance goes on!

We've had every possible celebrity couple permutation; Peter and Katie, Katie and Alex, Peter and Kerry, now it's the turn of Alex and Chantelle. Forgive us if we don't rush out and purchase a fascinator right this second. The pair have been 'dating' for the last two weeks, and apparently snuck away for a romantic holiday last weekend.

A 'friend' of Chantelle's (probably her PR goon) told The Daily Mail, 'No one knew they were disappearing off to the country. It was all very Bridget Jones’ Diary. They spent the weekend in their dressing gowns, and let’s just say they made the most of their hotel room! They just could not keep their hands off each other. Alex was pawing at her and she was enjoying every minute of it. He bit playfully at her bottom and grabbed her face before they began kissing.'

Yes, truly they are the Tristan and Iseult of our age...

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