The Royal wedding #2

Zara Philips married her rugby-playing beau Mike Tindell at the Palace of Holyroodhouse this weekend, and by all accounts it was a fairly debauched wedding, with a party that continued until the next afternoon. A source said, ‘It was just a family knees-up. Your archetypal wedding, really. Except with a lot of royals and rugby players. And a lot of drinking. In fact make that a hell of a lot of drinking.’

The Daily Mail harrumphed that, '...despite the presence of the Queen and every senior member of the Royal Family, Saturday’s wedding had got off to a less than auspicious start when the broken-nosed groom turned up to church chewing on a piece of gum accompanied by his best man, fellow rugby player Iain Balshaw, complete with black eye after falling off his moped.'

According to reports, the party was kicked off with music provided by a jazz band, 'and by all accounts the bride, who was already rather merry, got up on stage and grabbed the microphone on several occasions.' Sounds like our kind of bash...

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