The revolutionary road to divorce

One of the biggest curses of celebrity is that any relationship gushing within earshot of the press will always be dredged up should said relationship later hit the buffers. The latest victims of the curse are Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, who announced their separation yesterday.

And who has been blamed for the demise of their marriage? A harmless little film, albeit one that portrays the dramatic disintegration of an unhappy union. Yes, Revolutionary Road, directed by Sam and starring Kate and Leo, has had the finger of blame pointed squarely at it. At the time of filming, the couple were circumspect: 'I think that with any interesting art there is always some kind of identification to be had. We are very happy, but obviously there is a cathartic aspect of making a movie about a bad marriage,' said Sam. Though a source close to the couple told the Daily Mail: 'Things were extremely rough to say the least recently. Things went downhill after Revolutionary Road.'

Another 'friend' makes a revealing comment about the possible reasons for the split (though one which only makes us love her more): 'There's nothing that Kate loves more than a roll-up cigarette and a good row.'

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