The return of Gamu

She just won't go away. Gamu Nhengu made a thorough nuisance of herself after she was kicked off The X Factor - at least, that's probably how the show's bosses see it, with her blaming her eviction from the show for her impending repatriation to Zimbabwe following visa problems.

Well, she may be about to physically leave the UK, but she's going to leave us something to remember her by: a Christmas single. Yes, to the list of anti-Simon-Cowell possible Christmas number one possibilities can be added Gamu's 'Where Will You Sleep Tonight,' in support of Scottish charity Aberlour. (It's pretty much a rule that the Christmas single has to be for charity these days).

Other anti-X possibilities include a rap about Yoghurt, John Cage's 4'33'' (consisting of four minutes and 33 seconds of silence), and 'the Bird is the Word.' God, we love Christmas.

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