The Reidinator strikes again

They've been together for the grand total of three weeks and 55 celebrity appearances. This show of togetherness means that Chantelle and Alex Reid are apparently ready to embark on a journey to parenthood. A canny move, as it means that they can give countless interviews to OK! magazine about the ups and downs of fertility. Brilliant.

Chantelle told OK! magazine,'It’s on both our minds. It’s a scary but exciting time. We’re not putting any pressure on each other. I’m ready for kids. I’m ready now and I think she’s the right girl. We need to sort living arrangements and get a few things in order. I’ve been ready for a while. And now I just know I’ve found the right person. It’s still the honeymoon period so we’re still conscious it’s only been a few months. Ideally, I’d like to take my time but it doesn’t always happen like that. She is The One.'

She continued to pour her heart out to the tabloid magazine,'When I found out it obviously it was really early [days] being with Alex. It was really hard and I didn't know what to do. I wrestled whether to tell him and I thought this is the situation, but I was scared what he might do. [I thought] he might run, its a scary thing to tell someone that you've just got together with. But I thought this is the situation and I'm not going to be able to change it, it's still going to be the same in six months or a year, and it all came tumbling out one night and he's been absolutely amazing and I couldn't thank him enough.'

We're bracing ourselves for a roller-coaster journey, played out in magazine spreads.

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