The Ramsey carnage continues

Yesterday, Gordon Ramsey hit the headlines after sending an open letter savaging his father in law, who he had recently sacked as head of Gordon Ramsey Holdings. Now the celebrity cook has gone one step further, and has also axed his wife’s brother and sacking her nephew from his company.

Gordon's wife's brother Adam told The Daily Mail, 'The whole family is upset with Gordon. It is just not fair on us. My husband used to work for Gordon’s company as Chris Hutcheson’s number two. But now he has been suspended, my poor 19-year-old boy who also worked for him was sacked. It makes me so angry to think Gordon sacked them all on the same day.’ She adds, ‘Why does he want to cut the whole family off? I don’t know whether Gordon is financially in trouble or not but it is very distressing for our family.’

Christmas dinner chez The Ramseys might be more than a little awkward this year...

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