The Price isn't right

If only Jordan and Peter Andre had kids. That way they could fight about how to dress them and how to do their hair in the national tabloids. They could also engage in daily one-upmanship over their moral education, with Jordan claiming at every opportunity that she's a great mother and Pete begging to differ. A dyed blonde Mohican isn't really an appropriate style for a four year mite is it? Tsk tsk. Neither is putting make-up on a two year old and popping the offending pic on Facebook. Tsk tsssssk. Pete to the top of the moral scoreboard.

Of course unless you live in a cave with no internet connection and/or subscription to The Sun you'll know that the one time Andres do indeed have children. What's more they regularly use them as pawns in their bitter media war. So here's some very brief lipservice to The Sun's story today that Peter Andre objects strongly to Jordan straightening Princess Tiiiiii...yeh - too complicated.

Alex - when are you going to Reidinate Jordan and throw a couple more tots into the picture?

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