The Price isn't right

Katie Price's new reality show, featuring a hunt for the 'next big thing' in Westfield shopping centre failed to tempt the punters yesterday. Price set up camp in the shopping mall, surrounded by Cowell-alikes and TV cameras, but strangely, very few people wanted to audition. According to eagle-eyed bystanders, the production crew were forced to drag people over to Price to avoid embarassment.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'It was a disaster. She was on stage with her arms folded and a face like a slapped bottom. Her people were trying to tempt shoppers to take part - most of whom would never have passed for a model in a million years.'

Price's website billed the show as a cross between The Apprentice and X Factor, saying, 'Katie's on the hunt for 'the next big thing' to sign to a new talent agency. The winner will get a year long contract, personal mentoring from Katie and loads of other fabulous prizes.' Katie said, 'This is a really personal mission for me. I know I’m a good businesswoman and if I find the right boy of girl, I would like to sign them to my new agency.’

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