The Price Is Wrong

Katie Price and her bouncing jolly whoppers, or 'swamp monsters' as The Sun is calling them, are the latest contestants to take part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

It’s the 2nd time the camera shy glamour model has gone on the humiliating jungle show, the first being in 2004 when she of course met former hubby Peter Andre. As expected her entrance wasn’t a walk in the park: more like a swim in do-do. She dove through a cockroach and fish-gut infested swamp disconnecting balls to earn stars to complete her arrival.

‘I knew when I was walking through the jungle’ said Ms. Price on the show, ‘I knew there was no way they were going to let me just walk into camp. I just knew there was going to be some kind of challenge’.

£50 on her being put up by the phone vote to do a bush tucker trial everyday!

Watch the entrance here.

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