The Price is sued

It's all very well engaging in mindless tit for tat in the playground, but do it in front of an audience of millions and you'll get your ass sued - as the yanks say. Well gobby Jordan has learnt that lesson the hard way: she's forking out to the tune of 'substantial damages' after being sued by Peter Andre's manager Claire Powell.

KP made a slur on the Graham Norton Show which implied that Andre and Powell were secretly bonking. It was a throwaway uppercut in the immediate aftermath of Jordan and Peter's split, but one which Powell didn't take kindly to: she was engaged to the father of her child at the time.

Bad Jordan. Say things about your inner circle, but don't demolish other people's private lives in the process. (Although we're sure Powell's used to it, having worked with Jordan for years before that).

Brave Claire Powell (or very thick skinned and slightly foolhardy Claire Powell) is now managing Kerry Katona. Kezza love, - no 'Powell 4 Crofty' slurs to the press please...

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