The Price is not right

Poor, poor Alex Reid. As if it isn’t enough that you’re mocked in the press more or less every day for being a bit of a wet flannel and the rebound man after Jordan’s marriage to Peter Andre broke down, now some of her friends are wading in, claiming that she’s penny pinching on her wedding because she doesn’t really love him. Nice eh?

‘If the theme of her wedding to Peter was no expense spared, it’s safe to say this time round it’s more like make do and mend,’ said some gossipy madam to The Mirror. ‘If there’s something that she can haggle over, get at a knock-down price or better still for free then she will. If she’s not careful she’ll get the nickname Katie cut-Price.’

‘Before her wedding to Pete she would go through every detail with a fine-tooth comb,’ said another harridan. ‘This time it’s as if her heart’s not really in it. She wants to get married to Alex because she’s desperate to move on from Pete and prove to him that she has moved on.’

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