'The Press think I'm Tiger Woods'

Jeremy Clarkson has denied reports by The Mirror that he has been frolicking with a blonde who is not his good lady wife. The irritating Top Gear presenter reacted to the allegations with confident gusto, even getting his mum to tell the Press that the stories aren't true.

The lady at the centre of the allegations, Philippa Sage, denied the stories saying, 'Jeremy and I are friends. I have worked with him, er, them (the Top Gear team) for years. I often stay in colleagues’ hotel rooms – that’s not unusual. I have been pictured with Jeremy several times, dozens of times, while working on the show. We are just friends.'

Jezza's mother, Shirley, also told the press that the allegations are false, ‘It’s a load of rubbish. He’s right now on holiday with his wife and children, happy as Larry. He sent me a text on Mother’s Day saying, 'I hear the Press think I’m Tiger Woods – don’t worry, I’m not!'.

Do we believe him, folks?

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