The Pitts head for the wild west

If you're a multi-millionaire Hollywood actor, married to an equally pulchritudinous and famous star, with a million kids in tow, Cornwall isn't the obvious place for a holiday. Having said that, they do great fish and chips, and the Maritime Museum is top notch. Brad Pitt will spend the next few months living on a yacht harboured off the coast of Falmouth in Cornwall, while he films World War Z.

A source told The Sun, Brad thought the family might as well have a holiday while he's shooting World War Z. Cornwall is a little different from their usual destinations but they've heard lots of good things about the county. Staying on a yacht will mean they'll be able to visit various seaside towns so the kids won't get bored. They're all really looking forward to it.'

Brad's new film, an £80 million zombie movie, based on the book by Max Brooks will also be shot in Glasgow, which is doubling for Philadelphia. Now that's a comparison we've never heard before...

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