The pineapple talks

Without a doubt the talking point from Saturday's X-Factor was the pineapple stage invasion during Jedward’s successful attempt to batter the hell out of Queen’s ‘Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby’. Well the genius behind that interruption has spoken.

Glaswegian electro dancer Calvin Harris told The Sun that although he thinks his display was ‘stupid’, he has no regrets: ‘It's not for my own publicity. I'm not a celebrity - I make music. Dancing on stage with a pineapple on your head is a very stupid thing to do, but I also want to suggest that it's a very stupid television programme.

'I was very surprised how easy it was to get up there. If anything good is going to come out of it, they should stick another man in front of the stage.'

If you didn’t see the Cockerian moment of brilliance, wrap your eyeballs round it now.

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