The Only Way is No-sex

Oh dear, it's not looking good for The Only Way is Essex's royal couple, Mark and Lauren. A mere two months after their engagament was announced, Mark was embroiled in claims that he cheated on the long-suffering Lauren while holidaying in Marbella.

A source close to the orange-hued reality starlet told The Sun, 'Lauren was devastated to read Lucy's claims. She needed to get away from the home she shares with Mark to get her head together. She was preparing to have it out with him and see if he can explain himself. At the moment she's not sure she still wants to be with Mark, let alone engaged to him. They've got a lot of talking to do before they can decide if they still have a future. The whole situation is horrible for Lauren and she's stressed out. She doesn't want to be seen as a gullible mug.'

It's possibly a little too late for that, Lauren me old mucker...

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